Friday, October 6, 2017

$500 Million Fraud at EPA under McCarthy?

In the federal government’s Hall of Incompetence Shame
Time to add Gina McCarthy of EPA as the newest name
If Sibelius of DHHS is worried that her infamy star might be surpassed
In overseeing the website and the rollout of Obamacare her incompetence record will forever last
A billion to build a website set a record that in the private sector would have gotten her fired as soon as the first million was spent
In the Swamp there never is accountability so pink slip in hand she was not to the unemployment office quickly sent
Under McCarthy’s preoccupation with the war on fossil fuels watch
Her oversight of $500 million of private contracts was clearly botched
No certification that the private contractors slurping at the public trough
Had the proper cyber security skills and without them should have been cut off
Same old story at the EPA and other agencies repeated again and again
No accountability so fraud and abuse never a question of if only when

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