Monday, October 9, 2017

Jimmy Jones "Stand Or Be Benched"

Now more than ever we need rhetoric from the left toned down less shrill
But from a leftist female  ESPN anchor Jemele Hill
A claim that Trump is a “white supremacist” and that fans and sponsors should boycott “America’s Team”
As NFL TV ratings show an increasing number of “deplorables” hold the NFL in lower esteem
Without the NFL’s billions ESPN has a good chance of fading away
Idiots and race cards tossers like Hill will be out of pay
Nothing like calling upon sponsors to abandon airing ads on NFL telecasts
Biting the hand that feeds them anchors like Hill will not last
Anyone watching Dallas in person or on TV
Should contact the sponsors to inform them with Hill they disagree
Protest all you want outside the stadium and before and after the game
On your own time out of uniform but kneel and you have only yourself for a benching to blame
There is no right of speech while in the private employ
Continue with a message so blurred that soon high salaries you no longer enjoy
Colin Kaepernick is and has been with baggage overflowing the cart
Has nothing to do with protest or race only from a skill standpoint he has forfeited his chance to start
Feel story for this misguided poster child for protest to sport supplant
Seduced by Nessa’s charms and her left wing rants
Kneeling is a déjà vu moment from the Black Power Mexico City Olympics salutes
Protesting racial relations by kneeling will never help us racial issues uproot
If there is a boycott to be advanced
Boycott Nessa’s sponsors for supporting her lack of balance
ESPN must have read this poet's thoughts
Canned Jamele from her anchor slot

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