Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump Like Canada Wants to Privatize Air Traffic Control VA Next?

One may agree with Trump’s policies or strongly argue his policies are a divisive disaster
But when it comes to shaking up the fetid snake infested swamp he is a master
Bold and decisive moves that rattle cages
No wonder the MSM caught flat footed in a rage
While the Schumerites and Pelosites can only stutter
Reduced to inane personal attacks and impotent mutters
Case in point almost like Reagan’s move in 1981
Breaking the back of the controllers’ union for a law against strikes by federal workers to shun
After four days of walking off the job Reagan handed out 13,000 pink slips
Disruptive move for air traffic but broke a public service union’s iron grip
Public service union work stoppages before then swarmed
After Reagan’s firing  going forward work stoppages no longer the norm
Trump now proposes to sever air traffic control functions from the FAA
With its inefficient, bloated bureaucracy and outmoded technology on display
Hand the traffic control function over to the private sector paid by airline charges
Ape the Canadians who have done this for 20 years a must step as air travel continues to enlarge
Already the Blues true to form
Are lining up to oppose this needed reform
Who can name one government agency that runs an efficient cost effective ship?
Maybe the FBI until politicized by Obama, Holder, Comey and Lynch now rudderless no longer in integrity’s grip
A pretty sad state of affairs but what does one expect when accountability is shot
Too many workers like in the VA or EPA are like the fireman on trains in the 50’s a feather bedding lot
When it comes to reading tea leaves or casting stones against a cave wall or reading entrails
This poet’s predictions like his marriages are doomed to quickly fail
But if Trump like Reagan can pull this off watch the VA to pedal to metal try to improve patient care
Ere the vets will be allowed to head to the private sector insurance in hand while at the unemployment office VA staffers stare
 © June 5, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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