Sunday, June 11, 2017

Senate F*Bomb Queens

Will this rancor and tasteless rhetoric ever end
Will any chance of partisanship be drowned out by the this f* bomb trend?
Senator Harris was spewing f* bombs faster than a Spandau machine gun
Any sense of dignity or grace as the holder of a Senate seat to quickly shun
The latest female Blue Senator to join the f* bomb parade
Is Kirsten Gillibrand with f* bombs to the Trump agenda degrade
Maybe the quest for gender equality the women senators use the language of the locker room
Out man the men to use profanity and send any chance of compromise to its doom
Profanity is the sign not of intelligence but a complete lack of class
Whether coming from a man or coming from a  lass
Profanity is also the refuge of someone whose ideas on problem solving have long since fled
Cannot propose solutions only to launch profanity laden attacks instead
Why is it that politicians like Harris, Schumer and Pelosi cannot accept something so simple, not complex
You can get am opponent to accept your position by not attacking him personally so he rejects as a reflex
When will politicians stop fighting for this and fighting for that
F* bombs levied in a steady stream at the drop of a hat?
Getting absolutely nothing done only kicking the ever increasing cans down the road
Then months later having to another vitriolic stream of f* bombs again unload
© June 11, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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