Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Safe Straw

The Straw That Will Break The Date Drug Rapist's Back
One minute in a bar as a woman you're listening to music and enjoying your favorite drink
The next moment your new male “friend” is dropping date rape granules which quickly sink
What started out as an evening of fun on the town
Unbeknownst to you the date rape drug is causing your defenses to shut down
Like a zombie you are led to his car for a short trip to a motel but it’s black out time
You are soon to be another victim of date drug rape crime
Your memory is totally gone you lie on your back now totally nude
He into your body now intrudes
The date drug has taken over; you have as much feeling and awareness as a stiff
If you remember at all you wonder what kind of man needs that sort of lift
Sexual relations consented to knowingly was supposed to be a human gift  
If you have any memory you will wonder how could you into blackout so quickly drift
Rape is a horrible crime whether one is aware it is happening to her or whether she has lost her ability to consent
It is a crime that all men and all women should do everything in their power to condemn and try to prevent
Help is on the way thanks to three Miami female teens
A product that should put a dent in the date drug raping scene
The Safe Straw which detects the most common date rape drugs by changing into a blue tip
Warning that that drink is no longer safe to guzzle or even lightly sip
Entrepreneurial spirit by three young women is why in the war against radical Islam we will ultimately win
By with feudal chains suppressing the creative juices of women, they are only using half the population no matter how they try to spin
© June 6, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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