Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Barbara Boxer on Steroids

Those of us who wanted bipartisanship cheered when Senator Boxer said she would retire
A flaming, rabid leftist unable to compromise or govern only insult, hardly our dreams to inspire
Her thin skin on her title as a Senator by witnesses before her we quickly tired
Any chance of the ending the gridlock or crossing the aisle smoldering on a partisan pyre
Like her last name only a fighter not a senator and with the gloves always off
As a senator we wanted to govern and compromise a total and complete turnoff
In this banana republic one party state we knew a fellow Blue would take her seat
Pinned our hopes on Sanchez as a rational candidate but she went down to defeat
The omens were there when Harris rose up in anger to the concealed videos of the selling of fetal body parts
Charging not those who violated the law and all sense of human decency chose to for Ferraris depart
But rather the filmmakers who revealed their crime
We knew we were in for rabid bias and partisanship big time
Harris is now a senator like Obama making sound bites so she can for president run
Tweeting her leftist rants at a rate faster than any Spandau machine gun
Bragging always she is fighting for this or fighting for that
Launching rabid f* bombs at the drop of a hat
What a joke and if she realizes that those not living on the coast will reject her like a smelly turd
We are sadly stuck with her as a senator and her partisanship that in light of problems faced is absurd
No class, total when it comes to decorum and decency, a complete and utter disgrace
Dear God please reveal any Blues in the mold of a Feinstein to in 2022 try to her replace
© June 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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