Wednesday, June 14, 2017

D.C. Shooter Sanders Volunteer

We now know that the over the top rhetoric is releasing the dogs of hate
Dog whistles calling for violence, a blood lust that will be impossible to sate
Only by the graces of God and the fact that the Majority Whip loves to baseball play
Did the shooter not have the ability to dozens of Reds try to slay
Taken down by the Whip’s two man security team
After unleashing a five to ten minute bullet stream
Each day mainly coming from the artistic left and the Congressional Blues an inciting violence stream
From Griffin holding up Trump’s blood stained severed head
To Julius Caesar wearing not a toga but a very Trump like suit instead
Knifed to death by angry actors as members of the Senate cast
Life imitating art as bullets today streamed past
We learned that the shooter was a Sanders campaign volunteer
Wonder how the anti Trump rhetoric to violence this man was steered
Look back at all the anti Trump protests and rallies and there seems to be a common thread
A lot of anger, a lot of violence, a lot of silence from MSM, a growing sense that it is only when not if more will be dead
Perhaps a time to the policy of not providing police protection to rethink
But certainly a time for all to rise up that this rabid partisanship stinks
Time for Congress to lower the rhetoric and put the dog whistles for violence back into the drawers
Time for rational discourse on issues to replace the increasing partisan roar
If we can take those tiny baby steps

Those who can compromise we will owe a great debt. 
© June 14, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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