Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Schumer Winning Narrative Game Reds to Be Blamed

As much as this poet detests Schumer’s obstruction and rhetoric sound bites
You have to hand it to him his Blues are winning the healthcare narrative fight
The false slogan from him  right out of the box
Probably crafted by the Hollywood elite over wine, brie and lox
“This is not a health care bill; it’s a tax cut for the very rich
To gut Medicaid and bury hundreds of thousands in Potter’s field graveyard ditches”
With that narrative so framed and repeated  over again and again
Not a question as to defeat an if but a near certain when
Medicaid is not being cut but will increase
But in Swamp speak if the  rise slows it’s a decrease
From a bill without heart to a wolf in the clothing of a sheep
I fear the Reds are heading down to a complete defeat
Schumer is dusting off and tweaking the playbook of Boss Tweed
With a distortion here, a distortion there and objectivity of the MSM gone to seed
Schumer doesn’t care what the issues are as long as the narrative he can frame
Tax cut for the rich time, and the poor will die so the Reds are to blame
If perchance a for young healthy person health insurance is an expense he does not chose
Under Schumer’s math that’s another person whose insurance he was forced to lose
The Blues are hell bent to shove single payer care down our throats ala the “care” a vet receives at the VA
May be good care assuming you don’t die in the meantime because of inexcusable  scheduling delays
A risk most Americans would not want to take

But another idea from the left completely half baked
© June 26, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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