Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 29,2014 JV Team Declares Califphate in Mosul

In January of 2014 Obama pompously declared ISIS to be like a JV team
A bunch of terrorists with Laker uniforms  but not Kobe Bryants--no threat to the American Dream
Three years ago to this day on June 29
800 terrorist ”Kobe Bryants” broke through the Iraqi lines
Like the Romanians and Italian without German units near Stalingrad in 1942
Without American stiffening or support down their weapons they threw
Leaving equipment and  like rabbits  en masse from Mosul they fled
Terrified they would be captured and end up headless and dead
Mosul the second largest city in Iraq was captured and its residents entered a three year hell
All because a feckless president who wanted out would not a Status of Forces Agreement try to sell
Obama fled from Iraq with his tail between his leg through the dunes and bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go
Against all military advice to not create a vacuum no wonder on him the title feckless was given by friend and foe
After weeks of fighting by the Iraqis stiffened by American advisers in harm’s way
Supported by American air power to ISIS fighters bomb, strafe and slay
A shrinking perimeter in Mosul that will be soon wiped out
While in other areas of the world due to Obama’s lack of strategy ISIS continue to sprout
A sad and bloody day for civilization was this June 29 of 2014

A lesson the idea we should elect based on race or gender is a thought we must forever wean.  
© June 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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