Thursday, June 8, 2017

Opioid Wars

The battle against the flow of drugs continues unabated
The quest of millions upon millions of dollars by the cartels never sated
Ingenuity has no higher creativity than sellers of illegal drugs as today reveals
They will go to any length to find places where the drugs they can conceal
In Bell Gardens at Taqueria Los Altos a mom put a quarter in for a bouncing ball
In another example of why to hinder the flow of drugs we must have a wall
Cheaply made after a few bounces it burst apart
What was found would break any mother’s heart
It was filled with a fine powder quite white
To a mother’s eyes did not look right
Police were called and determined powder was cocaine
Police searched the vending machine to find that five ounces it contained
If the child had been alone when the ball burst
Out of curiosity ate it, that family would join the victims of our opioid curse
In another example of how by the drug cartels this country with its porous border is being screwed
At a border crossing in San Diego the Border Patrol became suspicious of a Jeep loaded with food
Called upon the sniffers of its canine to intrude
150 pounds of meth being smuggled by the big dollars on the street wooed
We know in Ohio the morgues from ODs are running out of space
In Georgia mass ODs from opioids disguised as Percocets are taking place
With our open borders we are losing this deadly race
When will sanity the rabid obstruction of the wall replace?
How many more Americans will OD, many of whom will die?
Before the Blues end their crusade to Trump’s plans for our  safety defy  
© June 8, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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