Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy 58th Birthday to VP Pence

Happy 58th Birthday VP Mike PenceM

Every time I looked at or listened to Tim Kaine
With his tired, old blame game refrain
I shuddered at  what a mess we would be in
If with all the money Hillary spent that she would win
One heart beat away from the Oval Office would be Kaine
Immediately my head throbbed in utter pounding pain
While the First Predator would in the halls of the White House once again to reign
Too much to lose with a physically weak, low energy president with nothing to gain
Tim Kaine with an adult son now under arrest
For a Trump rally with violence to try to suppress
Contrast that with our current VP Mike Pence
You know where he stands, no Mugwump of indecision on a PC fence
Committed to this nation’s strong defense
A strong proponent of taking it to radical Islam, going on the offense
58 and looking and acting  fit and trim
Must spend a lot of time in the gym
Honest and with as much integrity as the day is long on the 21st of June
So proud of his Marine Corps son committed to defend this nation from ruin
A family man to support a spouse of 33 years and two daughters and ready to step up to the plate
To with the president  tackle any and all challenges for this nation may await
Finally, in the office a complete absence of Vice Presidential gaffes
No more Biden like bungled quotes to make us shake our heads or  laugh
Happy 58th Birthday Mr. Vice President
Thank God to this office last fall you were sent
© June 6, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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