Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Impeachment Are You Crazy?

So Brad Sherman and Al Green have announced they will file articles of impeachment
A Don Quixote gesture and to the trash heap the articles should be immediately sent
Sherman, Green with Maxine Waters in the wings pissed because she’s not in the impeachment limelight
Are modern day Neros playing their fiddles while we need everyone on deck to for jobs fight
Obstruction of justice-- what a crock. Have these two idiots lost their minds?
Trying to delay the Trump agenda that finally is leaving the stagnation of the Obama years behind
Obamacare is collapsing before our very eyes as insurance companies flee
Yet the Blues in the Congress going on an obstructionist scorched earth spree
Business confidence due to Trump’s tax plans for reduction and repatriation are at all time highs
Filing for impeachment on a bogus charge of obstruction of justice all sense of reality denies
Our infrastructure is crumbling at an increasing pace
Yet these idiots want to the president replace
Because the president asked for loyalty as Comey will so testify
Along with a statement that no pressure from Trump to end the investigation by the FBI
Along with statements that the FBI had all the resources it would need to move ahead
Under the collusion delusion theory of Green and Sherman that means obstruct of justice instead?
If only there were a statute called obstruction of recovery
When after months of further obstruction we will make this expected discovery
With no evidence or finding of any obstruction of justice only a recovery mortally wounded and almost dead
Burnt to the ground by Green and Sherman licking their chops at the chance of Red leadership soon being shed
Make no mistake about it Blues like Green, Sherman and Waters do not have the best interests for law and the nation at heart
Only the interests of their party as they could care less in from the recovery and safety the distraction causes us to depart
The only silver line of this unwanted unwise from jobs, healthcare, tax reform, and safety potentially fatal distraction
But a very high price to pay, hopefully President Trump’s Twitter tweets will undergo during impeachment a major contraction   
 © June 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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