Sunday, June 11, 2017

Comey a Wimp?

Instead of a tale of two cities yesterday we witnessed a tale of two directors
As the Russian collusion delusions was still subject to Blues’ false conjecture
Efram Zimbalist Junior and Mike Connors must must be rolling in their graves
After Thursday any chance of a remake of their FBI series a goodbye wave
One director had presidents and politicians living in fear
That a scandalous story about their transgressions would in print appear
The other director was supposedly a choir boy of integrity but as we learned was lacking any spine
Leaking to the press not transgressions but memos of conversations and would not stand up when a president or AG crossed the line
J Edgar Hoover was the first director of a fledging force known as the FBI
Served as such for 48 years and after coming home after a day at the office died
The Fourth Amendment to him was a nuisance better to have on politicians secret files
No politician or bureaucrat dared to cross him on either side of the aisle
A rabid anti Communist and a closet gay
He ruled the FBI with an iron fist in his day
Comey on the other hand was a director serving under a newly politicized DOJ
Where politics not pursuit of justice first and foremost held sway
Either unwilling or unable to stand up to the troika of Holder, Obama and Lynch
Willing to accede with yards upon yards when Hoover would not bend an inch
An FBI Director without any spine
Could not tell Lynch or Trump they had crossed the line
All he seemed willing to do over Trump’s alleged obstruction on Flynn
Was to open his FBI computer to create a memo with the best CYA spin
Not to be delivered to his boss but indirectly to leak to the New York Times
Written in such a way with great effort to avoid being classified so the leak would not be a crime
Integrity in any agency has to start at the top
In Comey’s case a complete and utter flop
No one wants an FBI in the Hoover mode
Where secret files are the rule and the 4th to quickly unload
But when a president or DOJ crosses the line
We expect a Director to do the right thing and in protest resign.
© June 11, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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