Friday, June 23, 2017

Blowin' In The Wind Again

You don't need to be a shrink for a person to his feelings reveal
All you need is an unknown open mike and those feelings will no longer be concealed 
In the case of Phil Montag his feelings are not a pretty sight
Revealing in stark terms the partisan and rhetorical blight
When it comes to hatred and rhetoric from the left it keeps getting worse
The media and the Blues cannot free themselves of the dog whistles curse
The latest example is from a Nebraska Blue co-chair on tape caught
Stating he was glad that Scalise had been shot
Bemoaning the fact that he had survived and was not dead
In Phil Montag’s sick way of thinking it is a capital offense to be Red
The Blues have become so progressive that their ends justify any means
Even something so nonpartisan, a baseball game practice, justified as a gruesome shooting scene
From Madonna wanting to the White House blow up
To Griffin holding up a severed Trump head and so any debated on issues corrupt
To Depp wanting a modern day Booth assassin to appear
To Trump cast as the new Julius Caesar--when it comes to inciting violence we have a lot to fear
If the play were in Latin the Blue Senators as they stabbed him would be crying Trump est Delanda
Answering the dog whistles of hate to by any violent means destroy him and his agenda
To the Clinton “News” Network completely abandoning its journalistic proper role
Replacing it with an undisguised and blatant biased and slanted advocacy role
CNN and MSNBC have become so one sided and negative on Trump
Their ratings rightfully so are wallowing in the ratings dump
When does the media and the left stop going over the top
When do the Blues start to work on solutions we need sought
How many more people have to be shot?
Before we cross the aisle to end the gridlock
Almost like the Dylan song the answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind  
Compromise, debate, an end to biased spin
© June 23, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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