Thursday, April 6, 2017

Syrian Gas Attack Proves Again Susan Rice Lied

Susan Rice is a serial liar to the American public and is now at the credibility bat 0 for 3
Her credibility has struck out three times  and it is time to impanel a grand jury
First it was the Sunday talk shows after Benhazai when she was trotted out
To claim that an attack with mortars was spontaneous due to a video to the truth rout
Obama feared that he could not win
If voters disbelieved his radical Islam is on the run spin
Like a good trooper to Obama and Hillary’s run in 2016 protect
The truth was thrown under the bus with the it’s a video mantra to select
A promotion to National Security Adviser at great to our democracy cost
Clueless and asleep at the switch when the Crimea was lost
Put in a position with before the election restraints on release of intel on Americans relaxed
To try to restrain and weaken the Trump team with conversations released and identities  unmasked
Next came the lies about unmasking that she claimed to not know
When we now learn she was an integral part of the unmasking show
Gathering  intel on Americans that had nothing to do with the Russian hacking and collusion plot
After the election intel that might prevent Obama’s legacy destruction that the voters with Trump sought
The final out has to be her on the lack of need of a red line and her blatant crowing
That diplomacy removed Syria’s chemical weapons as the death toll from Sarin keeps growing
When Susan Rice speaks to protect Obama and Hillary more likely than not it is a lie
Time for the DOJ to move quickly and after trial and conviction her freedom deny
And after the exchange of terrorists for Bergdahl and a Rose Garden victory dance a little icing on her deception cake
Susan Rice claiming that Bergdahl served with distinction and honor when desertion was the path he chose to take
But Susan Rice could not have acted alone in this 0 for 3 mess
A good chance Obama was calling the shots to the truth by Susan Rice suppress
© April 6, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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