Sunday, April 23, 2017

End Partisanship And Personal Attacks!

Our daily lives are ruled by zones designated by visible signs
Our voices and acts to run free or dampened and confined
We have quiet zones near hospitals to patients’ rest protect
In schools we have drug free and gun free zones to use and violence deflect
On college campuses there are free zones marked with signs
Not to promote but rather to its exercise confine
There are zones that planes and drones may not fly
To terrorists and privacy intrusions deny
A red circle around any object or words with a red line diameter slanted universally means “No!”
In the land of the Swamp here is a suggestion where two more signs need to go
Before the Speaker’s and the Senate Pro Tem’s chair these words
To try to end the Congressional theater of the absurd
“Partisianship” and “Personal Attacks” encased in red circles with diameter lines at an angle through each
Forceful reminders that if we are going to get anything done across the aisle both parties must reach
The level of gridlock in the Senate has soared to new levels
With too many Blues openly comparing the President to a living, breathing devil
The art of compromise and find common goals is dead
Only demonization and rhetoric instead
Too many Reds and Blues keep tweeting they are fighting for this or that cause
Demonizing the other side’s “egregious” personal defects and flaws
Lost in the personal smears is the simple fact it becomes impossible to pass laws
Red meat to their rabid base who cheer and heartily applause
While the business of government remains in a gridlock pause
And the voters who want government to work are disgusted with this continuing partisan shock and awe
Feeling like the proverbial camel laden with more and more straw
© April 23, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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