Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15 Bues

Today is April 15 the date tax returns and payment are due
To a government that knows how to tax but when it comes to frugal spending has not a clue.
This year we get a two day reprieve to file and pay
But the wasteful fraud and abuse in spending will not go away.
Led by an arrogant head who thinks we are all clowns
And whose disregard of the law knows no bounds.
Time maybe to a Boston Tea Party repeat
Impeach him and send him to a disgraceful retreat 
April 15 Blues
April 15 makes one’s blood pressure rise
Waiting with baited breath to see if you are due for an unwelcome surprise
We have gone too long and too far down a potholed dangerous road
Littered with failed businesses, failed dreams and empty wallets due to an oppressive IRS Code
From a four page 1040 and 400 pages in 1913 the Code has grown
To 74,208 pages no wonder Americans would like to it disown
You need an accountant to just to file and many live thereafter in total fear
For the notice of an audit to in their mail box appear
Decades of using the tax code to behavior socially engineer
When mailed off many reach for the bourbon or cold beer
Koskinen may look like a helpful Mr. Clean
But when it comes to telling the truth his lying habits are hard to wean
His lackey Lois Lerner targeted Tea Party Groups to 501 status block
While Koskinen subpoenas from the House continued to mock
Whenever the IRS is used to skewer conservatives on the political grill
We all should be shaking in fear as political discussion and assembly is subject to a mortal chill
If by chance your retail business takes no credit cards,  only takes cash
These thieves at the IRS may illegally seize your hard earned stash
If perchance we are young in age and healthy as a horse
Don’t want insurance the IRS makes us buy with its taxing force
Why Congress has not impeached Koskinen cannot be justified
Destruction of records showing Lerner’s guilt and subpoenas defied
For American taxpayers and Congress this bald tyrant has nothing but contempt
Maybe like our ancestors almost 250 years ago time for another repeat protest attempt
Take off your Easter Bonnet, find your war bonnet, find your feathers, warpaint your face
Time to put an end to this national disgrace
Instead of dumping into the harbor chests of tea
Time to tar and feather him and IRS leaders and toss them into the Potomac to flow out to sea
A good way to drain the Swamp and give taxpayers some needed relief
Toss in a few lobbyists whose contributions to Congress bring such quid pro quo grief
Time bang the war drums loudly and send the smoke signals to Sessions
Time to end on conservatives the continuing IRS repression
Time light up the prosecutorial burner
To trial and hopefully jail bring Lois Lerner
                                                                                      © April 15, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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