Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Time To Chill Out A Time To Accept

With Blues sworn to oppose Trump at every turn
To no matter what the issue obstructionists to slash and burn
When the media on the slightest perceived miscue to bare their criticism and pounce
Scolding him even on the size of the Easter Egg Roll to their last venomous ounce
Just like the primary he is fighting Blues and members of his own caucus
While in the streets the protests grow violent and more raucous
The mantra of the left that Hillary did not lose fair and square
False accusations of collusion with the Russians by the mainstream media aire
Even a legacy preservation shadow government less than two miles away
Revelations of being spied on by the government before and after Election Day
Susan Rice unmasking Trump supporters and members of his team
So much like the 1984 nightmare as opposed to the American democracy dream
All the while the rhetoric on the left continues to ratchet up
Dog whistles to the assassin dogs when not if will the calls be answered with attempts to erupt
At the water’s edge an unstable dictator is hell bent on a nuclear destruction path
Accelerating his nuclear missile production crafts
Agree with him or disagree with him but who among us could long endure such hateful wrath

Time for left and media and the celebrities to tone it down, chill out in a cold shower or bath 
© April 18, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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