Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ann Coulter Blocked at Cal

Ann Coulter that conservative firebrand observation is right as rain
A dark day for free speech as under threats of violence her speaking engagement flushed down the drain
It is so ironic that the Free Speech Movement’s birthplace is at Cal
Which today has been turned into a free speech graveyard locale
A feckless Cal administration to the thugs simply caved
Mario Savio the icon of the FSM must be rolling in his grave
Threats of violence against Ann Coulter by the PC Storm Troopers
Ready to beat the god of free speech into a bruised and battered stupor
Depriving students of the right to Ann Coulter hear
Into the hearts of her supporters or just curious strike fear
God help us if these PC Storm Troopers can silence anyone who with their radical leftist ideas disagrees
Not by force of their argument but by physical intimidation coupled with a full scale rioting spree
Cal’s administration should have made it abundantly clear
Drone out the speaker or attacking listeners or the speakers and SWAT will appear
To immediate arrest and cart off to jail
Hopefully before Judges that will insist on a high amount of bail
Anyone who is a student arrested or caught throwing rocks or flaming cocktails  on tape
Immediate expulsion not suspension without mercy should be their fate
Professors and administrators who support violent demonstrations against free speech
Should forfeit even if tenured their right to administer or teach
We are condemning our youth to an inability to learn the skills to have rational discourse
Increasing the chasm as more are more the left wants to shut down opposing discussion by force
College should be a place for the mind to explore and learn
Not to because of a different point of view raise havoc and cars and buildings burn
© April 26, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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