Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camelot Deja Vu With Melania Trump

Melania Trump’s 46th Birthday

The year was 1961
The time of Camelot had just begun
The youngest elected president to grace the D.C. scene
At his arm his graceful fashion queen
The Kennedy’s seemed like the perfect culture storm
Hopes for a better America quickly reborn
Calls on the people to do for their country, to send a man to the moon
To unleash a corps of volunteers to put poverty in a full swoon
50 mile marches to bring the nation into shape
But also the rumblings in a far off jungle we would not in the future escape
But beneath the energetic active veneer an Arthur racked with back pain
Back brace that prevented him from ducking down so in Dallas he was slain
Camelot died that day as the caisson mournfully went past as the missing man formation roared over head
A two year old son saluting the caisson slowly marching past carrying his father now dead
The nation’s flag at half mast the pennants from Camelot lowered and put away
And after years of wars, recessions and divide we thought in storage they would forever stay
Out of the divide of partisan strife
This year dreams of another great Camelot stirring to life
Time like in Camelot to make America great again
A question of no longer if but only when
A new president more energetic than most men half his age
America with a new Camelot first lady was turning to a new optimistic page
Melania Trump was now first lady, only the second to outside the U.S. be born
A woman of sheer beauty and grace to the designation of first lady adorn
The comparisons between her and Jackie were swift
Both had the foreign language gift
Jackie was a photographer and later an editor of books
Melania on the other side of the camera was a renowned model with stunning looks
Both dressed out the pages of Cosmopolitan, Vogue or Elle
As a first lady like Jackie she, will most certainly excel
Both were young Jackie at 32 and Melania at 45 on April 26 to be 46
Like what Jackie did to de Gaulle, Putin by Melania will be transfixed
Like Jackie, Melania is first and foremost a full time mom with her son’s interests at heart
Waiting until end of school before to the White House depart
In a nation of immigrants it is only fitting and right
To wish her on her birthday the best as the Camelot pennants out of storage come back in sight
A paraphrased toast “Don’t let it be forgot, that once again there is a spot
For at least four years of shining moments that was known again as Camelot.”

© April 23, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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