Monday, April 17, 2017

Saber Rattling Obama Legacy

You have to feel sorry for Trump given the mess Obama has dumped in his lap
The results of 8 years of Obama, Kerry and Rice by our foes being played as saps
A military needed more than ever cut to its very bone
Older and fewer ships and planes multiple deployments that make families groan
North Korea on an accelerating  hperspeed path
Working on improving its long range nuclear missile making  craft
Assad still in power using WMD
Dead and dying Syrian kids for all the world to see
ISIS still deadly being ever so slowly out of Mosul being pushed but nowhere near defeat
ISIS in Afghanistan advancing and not in retreat
Thanks to a failure to our borders secure we now face 10-20 thousand felonious MS-13 gang bangers on our streets
The world is a dangerous place as are our cities and towns
What can you expect after 8 years of this timid clown?
But as sabers in North Korea rattle and Trump, Pence and Mad Dog plot their course
All options remain on the table including the quick use of nuclear force
Trump is trying to strike a deal with China to reign in their vassal state
To oust Kim to end the when will the North have nuclear missiles debate
From the cruise missiles into Syria to the MOAB dropped in Afghanistan to the soon to arrive carrier task force
Trump is sending clear signals that it is time for North Korea to once and for all change its conduct course
Time for the Blues to unite behind our commander in chief
If they won’t we are heading for a world of major grief
© April 17, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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