Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AB 54 Red Don Quixote Attempt To Ban Sanctuary Cities

For all intent and purposes California has become a one party state Blue led
Led by a party that continues to swing further and further to the left in taxes and regs as business fled
We have our Silicon Valley but technology eliminates jobs or needs very few to in it work
The Reds have been reduced in the Assembly and Senate to Don Quixotes trying to curtail a left gone berserk
Travis Allen has saddled his horse, grabbed his lance and is heading for the sanctuary city windmill
He has introduced AB54 his anti sanctuary cities bill
No more funds to sanctuary cities, state and local law must with ICE cooperate and no public defenders for illegals charged with crimes
As one looks at the legacy of Kate Stenle and the havoc caused by MS-13 it is about time
Unfortunately, AB54 has not a snowball’s chance in Hell of being passed; we will need the 800 pound gorilla’s aid
The feds need to step up to the plate and if a state or local jurisdictions want fed dollars sanctuary cities must abrade
The backers of AB54 must take to the social media battleground streets
If they have any hope of Blue blocking or a Brown veto defeat
Every time an illegal commits a crime, caught selling drugs or pulled over for a dui
A legion of supporters must on all social media raise a damning hue and cry
Since most drugs are coming into this country compliments of the cartels
Every time a citizen OD’s social network members must raise the close the border yell
Law abiding citizens want to be safe in their homes and streets
They want their wages to rise not due to low wage illegals see them retreat
Nor do they want to see our schools swamped by illiterate illegals bankrupting our schools
Nor the ER’s flooded  by OD’s caused by illegal drugs brought into this country by human illegal mules
Somehow the left has been winning the PR war with the we are a nation of immigrants theme
Part of a plan to turn illegals into Blue voters, the cornerstone of their grand scheme
Press on Don Quixote Allen but please take AB54 in Prop form to the cyber streets
May be our last chance to this destructive sanctuary city nonsense defeat
© April 19, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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