Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Red Lobster Afternoon

Yesterday i was enroute to the Santa Ana Amtrak Station to being the trainophile that I am to take a short rail ride to San Juan Capistrano to eat a late lunch at Trevor's at the Tracks but soon realized I would not make my planned trained so stopped at the Red Lobster. My waitress was a very young Heather who was working two jobs and was just getting ready to go off station. She is an amateur artist, quite excellent and before we knew it I was relating to her about my blogs and poetry and she was showing me pictures of her paintings on her phone. While talking and listening to her this poem came to me which i read to her and told her I would post it. I hope she pursues an artistic career as the world will be a better place. Nice restaurant but if you like lobster that is taken live out a tank, go to Little Saigon--much cheaper!

Too often our youth are pushed into the higher education slot
Devoid of passion, going through the motions, praying their minds will not rot
A degree to but frame and to put on a wall
While the passion for life is in a complete stall
When the creative side of the brain rules
Who would doubt that artistic creativity cannot be taught in school
But like poets too often artists barely make a living wage
No wonder parents want a daughter to change the career page
But without passion, a creative soul chained to a lifeless path
Each day further and further from her dreams of a golden craft
Is doomed to most certainly fail
Her creative spirit wallowing in a dismal academic jail
Chained by strong steel links of an unforgiving tether
Sunshine replaced by the dark clouds of inclement weather
Waiting like a lobster for the King Crab to show her how to molt
Knowing that even with access a blog for today to the art she cannot bolt
There will come a day when parents fear of failure will relent
We will see her paintings on display and buying them will be money well spent
                                                            April 25, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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  1. THIS warmed my heart . you are so wise and so very sweet. I can't believe you write this poem in such minutes! I told you I would check out your blog !
    You were the highlight of my day !!!
    -from you amateur artist , heather