Thursday, March 30, 2017

Will Blue Senate Intel Be Bipartisan? Don't Bet On It

The House investigation of Russian involvement has imploded
A smoking gun in Obama’s surveillance of Trump has just exploded
Evelyn Farkas’ revelations on unmasking Trump team is chilling beyond belief
Trump’s claim of being surveilled upon is no longer met with disbelief
Obama changed the rules on dissemination to pass out classified info like candy
Granting to his appointees a tool to disseminate damning info on Trump that was more than handy
If the Senate Intel Committee is really going to do a bipartisan job, the surveillance of Americans by intercepts of communications under the guise of investigating communications with foreign entities must be critical part
Our democracy is a great risk when a government can surveill American conversations then in violation of the law unmask those individuals—a first step from the principles of our democracy to depart
Already one Blue is demanding financial ties between Trump’s son in law be included in the “investigation”
Despite vows of a thorough and independent investigation, look for the Blue members to go to any length to protect Obama from condemnation
It is outrageous but not an act of war as some Blue hotheads have piously proclaimed
That the Russians hacked into the DNC but any conclusions that such hacking caused HRC to lose is insane
We now find that the Blues in the Obama Administration to a man and woman were convinced that Trump could not win
They bought hook, line, and sinker the anti-Trump mainstream media and pundits’ bias spin
No evidence of collusion of Trump campaign and the Russians--for Blues a complete delusion
A slender reed of excuse for the rationale of HRC’s loss illusion
But growing concern that felonies due to unmasking of conversations that had no counter intelligence value or security goals
Only a means to intercept incidental communications to sink the Trump Ship of State on partisan Blue shoals
Subpoena Evelyn Farcas find the source of the unmasking leaks
The only proper course in order to convince the public that this time the truth is what the politicians seek
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