Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Iditarod Tails 3/7/2017 10:30 a.m.

Iditarod Tales 3/7/2017 10;30 a.m.

                Looks like another Iditarod stuck record but the top five mushers this morning are  Aliy Zirkle (go Aliy) five minutes ahead of the second place musher out of Manley Hot Springs 161 miles out of Fairbanks, Joar Ulsom, Peter Kaiser, Michelle Phillips (no gender discrimination card in this race) and Martin Buser. (all within 31 minutes of each other and probably the last time in the race until maybe Nome mushers will see another musher ahead of or behind them). The father and son duo the Seaveys are 6th  and 8th , the Berington twins are 35th and 35th, Dee Dee Jonrowe still young at 63 is in 51st, Cindy Abbot my favorite in terms of courage and guts who in her first Iditarod in 2013 completed some 600 miles on a broken pelvis that occurred in the first day has left Nenana and is in 60th place. The last place musher is Ellen Halverson, a psychiatrist from Al Stoke’s state North Dakota (one has to wonder if the Iditarod is a race given the elements that a truly sane person would normally enter).  

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