Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Blue Sanctuary City Mayors Pack Your Toothbrushes

The law on what cities, counties or states must do when they receive detainer requests is pretty clear
They cannot release aliens in their custody before the agents of ICE appear
Garcetti, Di Blasio, Lee and Emanuel and 300 plus majors across this land with their policies on illegals are violating immigration laws
Thumbing their noses at ICE in pursuant of their misguided open and porous border cause
Anarchy from mayors and supervisors should be something that should give us all a serious pause
A course of conduct that law abiding citizens should condemn strongly and not support with applause
Failure to comply with detainer requests is a felony and it is the law that Sessions must enforce
Arresting a few mayors and sheriffs for failing to respond to detainers would end this anarchy at its source
Cutting back federal funding assuming it can be done by executive action is like throwing the baby out with the bath
A sledge hammer approach when a laser like approach on a few officials would be the better path
The resistance to ICE and its detainers would crumble like a house of cards
We could build the wall, secure the border deport the criminals and focus on drugs and new illegals being from entry barred
Then a rational discussion of how to assimilate and who and how many migrants we need to our growth and prosperity safeguard
No path to citizenship for the illegals who crossed our border
Illegally in search of a better life but still in defiance of the rule of law and order
But now with the ability to work without fear of immigration sweeps
Coupled with stronger enforcement of voter fraud laws to the integrity of our elections keep
All starts with a secure border and illegal immigration slowed to a minute drip
Then and only then can you determine what we need in immigration reform to break another gridlock grip
© March 28, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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