Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another Illegal Committing a Crime

Not all or even most likely a large portion of the illegals in this country are drug dealers or otherwise attracted to crime
Most want the chance denied to them at home to rise out of the poverty dirt and grime
But that desire no matter how much it touches our humanitarian hearts
Is not a reason to from the need of secure borders depart
Each illegal male alien who in defiance of our laws crosses our border
Is one more male added to the pool of potential criminals who violate the rules of law and order
The left thinks it is xenophobic to keep illegal alien criminals off our streets
Give them sanctuary no matter how many illegal entries they repeat
Mere mortals who do not have the protection afforded to such elite
Only want the wave of illegals and drugs for us to stem and defeat
Another case of an illegal in Texas trying to kidnap a woman that  fortunately failed
Tying her up in her car and trying to drive away to rape or maim,  another illegal male
Fortunately she escaped and this scumbag was by police nailed
An obvious escape threat, saner minds in Texas and a great chance he will be denied bail
What is ironic is that the woman showed compassion and a true Christian heart

Giving him food only to have him bite the hand that fed him and all rules of decency depart
© March 26, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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