Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cardinal Beats Irish tp Go to Final Four

The Fighting Irish versus the Tree
Winner to the Final Four to against UConn a hopeful upset victory
Cardinal blown out in second quarter by 18-0 Notre Dame run
Any chance to a Final Four seemed toast totally done
Not sure what the Stanford coach with over a thousand wins  in the locker said or what she did
But in the second half the Cardinal stood its ground and stopped into a blowout loss the skid
Back and forth, back and forth both teams gave their all
But slowly but surely the Notre Dame lead was mauled
Lead change after lead change each shot crucial, likewise each miss
But near the end Stanford had climbed out of the losing abyss
A one point Stanford lead with less than three seconds to go
Notre Dame inbounding in their court to go to the Final Four show
Alas for the Fighting Irish a Final Four trip not to be
The gods of hoops on this day shined upon the Tree
Great players on the court are poetry in motion accelerating to the basket in hyper in time
They blow past into layups or shoot threes after stopping on the dime
Watching them play is always the case of the best of show time
Better yet for a poet their names as a Cardinal are easy to rhyme
Today Brittany McPhee and a Samuelson named Carlie
Should give the Huskies a reason to soon fear the Stanford Tree
© March 25, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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