Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's Hold On To Your Hearts Schumer and Harris Show

When it comes to theater that will produce tears and sympathy the Blues are the kings
Call a press conference with Schumer and his latest lackey Harris and bring out the violin pity strings
Two sisters training for a marathon born here with tears in their eyes
An illegal alien father with two misdemeanors not specified
Was detained by ICE after dropping his daughters off at school
Harris in front of the cameras portraying the Trump administration as ignorant fools
It is hard to for the girls not feel empathy and pity
Explains why there are so many sanctuary cities
But as long as our border is not secure immigration reform will have no chance
An idea for this rabid duo of ideologues that might allow a compromise for immigration reform advance
You have to eliminate the economic magnet for people to enter this nation
You have to make it impossible to be part of the job force or welfare participation
If illegals can’t work because of e-verify
If businesses know they face jail and fines for hiring illegals, work they will deny
If only citizens can rebate money to their families back in their native lands
The incoming horde will be reduced to very, very small bands
For anyone here not legally not a dime for welfare   
It’s bad enough the school districts’ cupboards due to illiterate illegals are in many cases bare
Build the wall which in addition to illegals deterring it will slow the flow of illegal drugs to a mere drip
We might just free our youth and others from the opioid epidemic death grip
Increase deportation judges and give Trump what he wants in terms of additional Border Patrol and ICE staff
The number of illegals entering will be quickly falling off the charting graph
Relentlessly deport violent criminal illegals and if they somehow successfully return
Jail them for at least five years so a sense of deterrence they will learn
End the practice of sanctuary cities to detainer requests routinely ignore
When an arrested or convicted illegal of a violent crime is ready to walk through a jailhouse door
Then free of the open border curse
That will make this problem only worse
We could have a bipartisan debate on how many, what kind and who will do the best for America convene
How to assimilate and allow them to be part of the American economic dream
Recreate the bracero program that would let illegals come out of the shadows to find work and taxes pay
End the exploitation of illegals caused by their refusal to complain because of a fear that ICE will sweep them away
Create a path to citizenship for anyone under a young age to be determined by compromise
For those over that age send them to the bracero program and as long as crime free and supporting they can stay
Secure border and no more heart wrenching scenes for the camera by Schumer and Harris that we had to endure today
© March 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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