Friday, March 3, 2017

Tijuana Deliberately Dumping Sewage into Tijuana River Wall Help

The battle over border security is becoming more intense
Especially over the issue of whether and how to build a wall to replace the border fence
On one side you have the supporters of open borders who want to let everyone in
Humanitarian goals perhaps or calculations on how aliens will vote to insure Blues will win
And on the other blacks and low income whites who have seen their wages continue to fall
Stream of illegals flooding into the ranks of the unskilled job their hopes to enter middle class stalled
And across the spectrum of citizens a growing fear of illegals committing crimes
And cartel heroin and opioids leaving a path of overdoses big time
The elites on the left already live in gated communities behind secure walls and armed security can afford
Sipping Chablis, munching on warm Brie and safe and secure from this alien criminal horde
A wall be not be failsafe as drugs may go tunnel under to the American side
Or placed in a catapult and shot over in a quick in the air ride
Maybe a wall’s cousin a dam might stop another invasion from Tijuana that should raise the ire of the Greens
Deliberate releases of sewage into the Tijuana River from Mexico turning it into a toxic, deadly bacterial stream
Fouling our beaches south of San Diego causing them to be closed
Blues need to wake up as when it comes to open borders in the heartlands the bloom is off the rose
A wall may not be perfect and may only stem the flow of aliens and drugs to a trickle as opposed to a complete halt
But it would be a welcome improvement to the state of affairs caused by this never ending assault
To the left who the construction of the wall view as xenophobic or racist and its construction  decry
Try tearing down your own walls to welcome in the cartel and illegals as they go streaming by
© March 3, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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