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March 3, 2017 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Worldlife Day

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not For March 3, 2017 Finally in this dreary political drama some good news to report as on March 4, the Iditarod, the Last Great Race on Earth commences and on you will get race summaries and updates (being in Nome when the dog teams start coming in should be on everyone’s bucket list but you have to plan far in advance as the supply of hotel rooms sells out months in advance); the Blues continue in all out hysteria mode calling for Sessions’ resignation including a call from someone who really should know better as a former AG for California Kamala Harris who is hell bent to out Boxer Boxer in terms of partisanship; when a respected formal federal prosecutor Kurt Gowdy as opposed to Nancy Pelosi who is clueless as to the law, declared that the statements of Sessions cannot be construed as perjury, time for the obstructionist Blues to move on; in another example that no one’s email account is secure, Mike Pence’s personal email account while governor of Indiana was hacked and secondly how gullible people are when recipients responded to a phishing expedition from an email claiming that Governor and Mrs. Pence were stranded in the Philippines and needed money; in  yet another example of a bloated bureaucracy at the VA, patients in excruciating pain are caught on cell phone cameras waiting for five hours to see a doctor; as anti-Semite attacks grow in this country and Jewish cemeteries are vandalized kudos to a Muslim Marine offering to stand guard to protect synagogues and cemeteries (intolerance of one’s religion is a crime against God regardless of the name He goes by); on Interior Secretary’s first day on the job, he rode to work on a horse to signify solidarity with the Park Police and reversed Obama’s last moment lead shot ban; almost like a stuck record, the carnage in Chicago continues unabated with total shootings in 2017 through March 1 at 528, 98 of whom died (God help those poor minorities being shot mostly by minorities when the weather gets warmer and the shooters’ aim gets really better and there is more daylight) and yet nothing absolutely nothing appears to be occurring to address this blight on blacks and minorities which is what racism from a black mayor really looks like.   
    As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, a music link to Perry Como, factoids of interest for this day in history, a relevant quote from J. Matthew Nespoli, while not grinding your jaws when at rest due to stress, blessed with a positive attitude and secure in the knowledge that if you want to find a gift for any memorable events like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. You need only contact me for details.
1. World Wildlife Day—created by General Assembly on December 20, 2013 and first celebrated on March 3 of the following year, a date chosen to mark the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; the day marks efforts to preserve and protect the habitat of wildlife and over hunting of the population.   
2.  Dress in Blue Day—celebrating not the Democratic Party which is still reeling but since 2009 promoted by the Colon Cancer Alliance to promote awareness of and research on colon cancer (celebrated also by increasing your fiber intake along with fruits and vegetables).   
3. 1951 Number One Song—celebrating the number one song in 1951 on a run of 6 weeks in that position “If” by Perry Como.  Here is a recording of him performing the song:
4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “gnathic” of or relating to the jaws bones of which can be broken in a fight.                          
 5. The Real Deal—celebrating the birth on this day in 1982 of noted up and coming actress Jessica Biel.
On this day in:                                                                                   
a. 1776 newly formed U.S. Marines conducted their first amphibious operation, seizing the town of Nassau in the Bahamas and seizing supplies of gunpowder and shot located there.   
b. 1873 the U.S. Congress enacted the Comstock Law Act, making it illegal to distribute obscene, lewd and lascivious
books through the U.S. Mail.       
c. 1904 Kaiser Wilhelm II became the first person to make a sound recording of a political document by using Thomas Edison’s phonograph cylinder. 
d. 1931 the United States adopted The Star Spangled Banner as its national anthem.
e. 1991 an amateur video captured the vicious beating by LAPD officers of Rodney King which later sparked the Los Angeles Riots when the officers were acquitted. 
Reflections on our National Anthem: Nobody's truly free. Everyone is prisoner to a secret, a sin, a lie. It wasn't by accident that, in the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key set the word "free" to a note so high nobody could attain it.” J. Matthew Nespoli, noted writer and children’s author  Please enjoy the poems on events of interest on my twitter account below (if you like them, retweet and follow me) and follow my blogs. Always good, incisive and entertaining poems on my blogs—click on the links below. Go to for Ridley’s Believe It Or Not—This Day in History, poems to inspire, touch, emote, elate and enjoy and poems on breaking news items of importance or go to Ridley's Believe It Or Not for just This Day in History.
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