Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pelosi Claims Perjury by Sessions

Nancy Pelosi was in her ranting efforts to Judgment Rush
Using Sessions as another attempt to the Trump presidency crush
Solemnly declaring that Sessions was guilty of a crime
Solemnly declaring he is guilty of perjury this time
Failed to disclose under oath two meetings as the senior member of the Armed Forces Committee
With a Russian envoy in Sessions’ office truly a tempest in a pot of tea
Were these cloak and dagger meetings hidden from the press
Like the tarmac meeting with Lynch and Clinton the parties tried to suppress?
Senator Franken’s question implied was Sessions acting as a surrogate for Trump’s campaign
The Blues remain in panic mode after an electrifying speech and are desperate to his presidency detrain
A follow up question by Leahy was whether Sessions was acting as a surrogate for Trump’s campaign
The answer is no in both cases this is not a case for perjury to make
Although it may have been much better to a much more open path take
Blues still clinging to the fiction that Trump colluded with Putin to explain how the voters flushed a pathetic candidate down the drain
Obama knew all about the hacking attempts by the Russians yet out of him before the vote not a peep
Like most Blue media and pundits he expected Hillary to win even as her campaign limped along so she could rest and sleep
Not a word until the Earth shaking Trump win
Did the Blues including Obama launch it was the Russians fault spin
If there is to be an investigation of this folly, Sessions will recuse himself to insure not an impropriety sliver
Pelosi true to form without facts alleging crimes makes one hoping for compromise shiver
The one truly not fit for the office of Minority Leader is Nancy Pelosi
The we have to pass it to know what’s in it on Red efforts to craft a bill the usual hypocrisy
How stupid does she really think we are to believe that Lynch meeting Clinton was purely a serendipitous chance
To talk about golf and grandchildren and not for the sole purpose the case against Hillary not to advance?
Pelosi has been an incompetent ideologue with only one useful purpose for this nation
Her rhetoric is a lightning rod for the Reds; she merits only our unwavering damnation
© March 2, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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