Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time to Use Nuclear Option On Gorsuch

In the event of nuclear Armageddon only the cockroaches will survive
Schumer and his lackeys are not cockroaches and after the nuclear option politically his party will be in destruction overdrive
Schumer is a useless denizen of the swamp that has never worked in the private sector
His ideal is not the businessman creating jobs but public service unions and the federal tax collector
He would not know how to create a job if his life depended on it
His brand of obstruction explains why when solving problems D.C. has run out of gas, has simply quit
He is so biased against Trump that in his distorted reality the Senate should only advise and block
No nominee selected by Trump would cause him to the barriers to SCOTUS unlock
If Trump could somehow resurrect Warren or Douglas from their graves
Under Schumer not even such liberal leanings would a nomination save
Time for Mitch to call Schumer’s bluff and change the rules
Cram down the nomination with the nuclear option tool
Pack the circuit courts with conservative judges especially the ninth with its leftist slant
A sense of following the law as opposed to following personal views supplant
Under the banner of partisanship our government has failed to work
The idea of doing what’s best for the country is an idea our swamp creatures shirk
Wear an arm band of black to the demise of trust thanks to Schumer in our Supreme Court mourn

Leaving probably the military the last standing in which our faith and belief has not been shorn
© March 25, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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