Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Waters Is Over the Top No Scumbags Picked by Trump

The time has come for the rhetoric against the president to be on the downward ratchet
Time for politicians on both sides of the aisles to bury the proverbial partisan vitriolic hatchet
Especially the likes of Maxine Waters who is blasting Trump’s cabinet as a bunch of scumbags
When it comes to civility and decorum this long term rabid partisan really lags
Calling a member of the other party a scumbag is hardly conducive to getting anything in D.C. needed by us anywhere near done
The target of such insults will hunker down and ideologues like Waters ignore and shun
More so when you realize in addition to being a despicable, detestable or sleazy “scumbag” has another meaning
A used condom full of sperm--how is that for over the top in insults and being demeaning?
Pelosi needs to get her act together and for the matter so does the CBC
Inform Ms. Waters to tone it down as she with Trump’s policies continues to disagree
Ms. Waters needs to remember that HRC lost not because of the Russians but because of her lousy campaign
And against the Trump supporters a basket of deplorables and irredeemables label and complain
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