Friday, February 24, 2017

Blues Moving to the Left at DNC

In Poland German panzers facing Polish cavalry armed with lances
But against the British Lion and the land and tank armies of France
Most military experts gave the Germans for victory not a chance
But the Allies were refighting the Great War and like a hot knife through butter did the Germans advance
In six weeks the Brits were pushed into the sea and France was history
Tactics in war trump often trump numbers and quality explains the mystery
In the political front the Blues are totally tatters
In just 8 years there control of the House and Senate has been shattered
With the final insult incurred the Office of the President
Along with some 1000 governors and state representatives out of office sent
The race card, gender card, identity politics and tax, spend and regulatory smother no longer works
Like lemmings over the cliff the Blues save for the coasts Whig like status lurks
Living in the past they are about to elect a new head for the DNC
The two leading candidates are hell bent to further from the center flee
Ellison is an anti-Semite Muslim and maybe a closet Islamist
Perez the “moderate” believes that suits to prevent intimidation against whites by Black Panthers should not exist
If I were one of those truly rare almost extinct moderate Blues
I would be aghast at the DNC that seems not to have a clue
Reduced to the likes of Maxine Waters stirring the scumbag rhetoric stew
While Trump is picking up speed, the markets on a role and the party of obstruction is being crushed by the Trump wrecking crew
© February 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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