Thursday, February 9, 2017

Warren Shut Down Rule 19 Mistake?

When conservative speakers have rioters coming to a venue to stifle their voice
Depriving the audience of a chance to hear the rationale behind another choice
The left remains silent and to a person will not views different from theirs tolerate
The right to free speech for conservative thought is locked out by the PC iron curtain gate
If conservatives were in the streets in riot mode throwing rocks
Drowning out speakers and setting fires to leftist speakers block
The media would be in a tizzy in righteous indignation
When it is the other way around the media not a peep of condemnation
The Senate has a rule, Rule 19, to preserve the dignity and decorum of the Senate
Preventing the impugning a member of conduct improper of a member to preserve civility as its basic tenet
Senator Warren was reading on the confirmation hearings of Senator Sessions
From a letter from Coretta Scott King and Ted Kennedy when the Reds decided to teach her a lesson
Calling Sessions a disgrace to the DOJ and guilty of reprehensible conduct to intimidate blacks trying to vote
The chair called her out of order due to Rule 19 and her right to speak on the confirmation revoked
Rule 19 was adopted in 1902
After fists between two Senators flew
After Senator Cruz with impunity called the Majority Leader of his own party a liar
On the lack of civility scale Warren’s antics seem much lower not higher
The Reds will rue the day Warren has been handed on a silver platter
More notoriety, more campaign contributions and a mantra to the Reds batter
Assuming she will her Senate seat retain, #LetLizSpeak will be her 2020 rallying cry
Whipping up the decaying Obama’s and Sanders’ bases and a Trump reelection bid try to deny
McConnell should have let her continue to rant
Exposing her left wing out of touch with mainstream slant
Or maybe he had an ulterior motive to assist her in her nomination quest
Knowing the American public bathing in the Trump growth will not let her and her radical leftist ideas pass the fall election test.
© February 9, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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