Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another Day of Anti-Trump Protests on Illegal Immigration

As America another day of protests against Trump’s travel ban from 7 terrorist countries has to endure
While left wants open borders and even protests the deportation of felons that would help to our safety insure
And the right argues that illegals commit disproportionately more crime including that of the violent sort
The debate rages in a quagmire of a lack of facts to help us determine who and why we should deport
For every high profile case like Kate Steinle there are probably more cases of illegals just trying to get ahead
Law abiding save for not having drivers’ licenses and not bringing in drugs that leave too many of our youth dead
No one should be allowed in unless they have waited in line
That’s how a nation is defined
But demonizing aliens as a criminal mob the debate becomes confused and obfuscated
Having data that is accurate on the number who commit crimes would go a long way to have this issue rationally debated
Add to that, accurate data on the number of jobs that cannot be filled
Either because the pay is too low or there are not enough Americans skilled
And you might be able to America great again instead of a main goal to extended family members unite
You might be able to the fear of lost jobs or lower pay take a very large bite
But if and only if the border is secure
With jail time for illegal entrants to inure
© February 16, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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