Friday, February 24, 2017

JC Penney Going the Way of the Penny?

JC Penney may be aping its homonym coin
As the brick and mortar retailer struggles to not the ranks of the bankrupt join
130 to 140 stores soon to be closed
As in store sales fall and online sales rose
A tidal wave of closing of brick and mortar outlets is sweeping across the land
Long established big box and chain retailers disappearing faster than castles built of sand
While Amazon continues to expand like the proverbial rocket
Rising stock price putting billions of dollars in shareholders’ pockets
Its drones swarming like flies
Delivering products with drone numbers to almost block out the Sun in the sky
The carbon footprint of UPS and FedEx increasing each day
Sending the growing online orders on their way
Even our hobbled Post Office still bleeding billions of red ink
Has become a valued part of the online to consumer delivery link
Who would have ever guessed back in 1994 when online shopping first started to appear That it would expand at a hyper speed and in 20 years the brick and mortars would start to disappear
Only two flies in the ointment that should cause us all concern
That would cause our retail market to crash and burn
A massive data breach hacking attack or a wave of denial of service hacks
By cyber scumbags who merchants’ security systems have managed to crack
And for those who have defaulted on their bills and ignored their credit scores
No way to access the online shopping stores
 © February 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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