Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscar Gaffe at Moonlight

For far too long too many Americans have held celebrities in awe
Assuming because of  roles played they were experts in business, military, politics or the field of law
Potempkin intellects on the small and big screen
After listening to the Oscars perhaps a habit we need to wean
A good script and a great role are not substitutes for character or intellect
Only a thin veneer enhanced by lines a writer has taken days to perfect
The battle for Best Picture had been long and intense
The studios in terms of advertising had not spared any expense
La La Land throughout the night had been on a roll
12 Oscars to it had already been doled
One more to complete its sweep
More dollars at the box office to in coming weeks reap
Best Picture would be the icing on the movie’s cake
A lot of dollars and career boosts at stake
Would it be La La Land or Moonlight?
Suspense mounted as clips shown on this highly politicize night
Clyde looking aged beyond his years opened the envelope and announced
La La Land won to complete an evening that all rivals it trounced
Celebrations and cheers for the cast
But a short lived party that did not last
Great musical, great pulsating song
Alas Bonnie and Clyde blew it, got it wrong
Something as basic as getting the envelope right
Failed and the Oscar for La La Land taken back and handed to Moonlight
© February 27, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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