Friday, February 10, 2017

9th Circuit Shows Bias Against Trump

There are certain things in life that you can take to the bank
And here is with certainty their order of rank
From least likely starting from the top
To most likely near a certainly that barely drop
We are in the midst of climate change
So the Blues want us to our lifestyles rearrange
The government no matter how much money in taxes it collects
Any reduction in spending it will quickly reject
If someone has been indicted for a crime
Great chance unless he has a great lawyer he will do time
A conservative has about as much chance of at commencement speaking
As a cat does without fresh litter daily not having its kitty box reeking
The Ninth Circuit Court has a pronounced radical leftist tilt
Leads the other circuits in reversals by the Supremes yet feels no remorse or guilt
These leftist biased men and woman wearing robes in jurist disguise
Ruled against our president to no one’s real surprise
An opinion that completely ignored the statute that clearly gives him the right
That puts Americans potentially in the jihadists’ bomb and gun sights
Justice is supposed to be blind but these “jurists” had their blindfolds removed
To see which way the wind was blowing and with campaign rhetoric a Muslim ban prove
The only people who might have had standing to halt the executive order freeze
Were permanent residents who upon return were at the airports seized
That error was quickly corrected and lawful permanent residents were let go
Still these leftist “jurists” refused to block from seven terrorist hotbed the immigrant flow
We are not taking forever only 90 some days to figure out how to these people vet
If any of these illegals are closet jihadis and kill we and those “jurists” will this decision regret
The president can rewrite the order or appeal en banc
So if the court does not change its tune we will see how bad the this decision stank
Or he can appeal to the Supremes and hope that with the three liberals Kennedy breaks ranks
Or have the Senate Reds elect the Reid option and any Blue filibuster against Gorsush yank
All the while these judges with their security are from terrorists most likely immune
The rest of us mere mortals, however slight, face the threat of jihadi doom
A true mess but Schumer should be put on notice that when election time comes in 2018
An angry growing mob of deplorables and celebs and union workers keeping more money will drive dozens of Blue senators and reps from the Washington scene
© February 10, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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