Thursday, February 16, 2017

35 Medical Donkeys Claim Trump Unfit Huh

Just when you thought the Trump bashing could not get any lower into the rhetoric gutter
Dr. Lance Dodes and 34 mental health “professionals”go so far over the top it has to make one shudder
In total disregard of the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule which prevents
Comments on a public figure’s mental state unless that person has been to that physician for evaluation be sent
These 35 “psychiatrists” have sent a letter to the New York Times claiming Trump is mentally unfit
In essence demanding that from the office of the president that he should quit
According to these learned “physicians” President Trump has Narcisstic Personality Disorder (NPD)
After watching him performing right out the blocks despite scorched earth by Blues my guess is this gang of 35 are to a man and woman rabid biased Clinton supporters
Anyone who has built a real estate empire like Trump certainly when it comes to presidential challenges would seem more than fit
Compared to Obama’s egotistical narcisstic approach to the office hobbled with only experience of a community organizer not worth a warm bucket of spit.
HRC tried again and again to play the unfitness and lack of temperament card
The voters took one look at her campaign and record and in the swing states moved to her reject and discard
Dr. Dodes’ specialty is in addiction and alcoholic treatment and his views are completely out of the mainstream
Ignores AA and its 12 step program so critical to enable a person with this disease to have a fighting chance to achieve the sober dream
One recovering critic of Dr. Dodes’ misguided hatchet job on the 12 Step program of AA
Wrote him off as a donkey or better yet in the case of Trump a jackass with bias on display
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