Saturday, February 18, 2017

Obama Ranked 12th Best Really?

A survey of historians has just been released by C-Span that has the presidents ranked
Coming in at number 12 is Obama which is why their credibility in this survey has tanked
Lincoln comes in at number one
Which given the divide of the Civil War is a ranking that should not stun
But Obama came in on a promise of hope and change and a nation to unite
Instead we got more and more racial divide and national debt soaring to new heights
A Muslim feckless apology tour, a red line in the sand
A JV team scattering thousands of refugees out of Mideast lands
A military cut relentlessly to near all time lows
Civilians fearful of the next Islamist terror blow
A border existing only as a line on a map
Businesses strangled by regulations from the EPA that fills their own halls with fecal crap  
An Iran sworn to the forces of terror against us advance
But with certainty will in the future be armed with the nuclear lance
Seeing a feckless president a revived deadly beast once again came out of its lair
Swallowing Crimea, moving on Ukraine, threatening the Baltics a completely now fearless Russian Bear
Munroe who finished behind him had a doctrine that Europe would respect
Obama’s Doctrine was never to put boots on the ground and force reject
Ranking high in equal justice for all and moral authority what a complete delusion
What about the IRS and the Tea Party or the you can keep your plan illusion?
His Obamacare was sold to voters in the dessert of health care sands on an oasis of lies
Bill Clinton’s observation that the ACA was just crazy is a reality no can deny
Eight years of the slowest recovery we have ever had to suffer
For the average American as opposed to Solyndra-likes it kept getting tougher and tougher
Yet these historians in the category of economic management ranked him an eight
Ignoring the burdens he put on the economy with his job killing regulation weights
Hillary ran as an Obama third term and clone but the voters she could not fool
Despite his pleas, we rejected her and these historians should be spending more time in the corner on the dunce stool
In one category they did not use but voters in the future hopefully will when they cast their vote
Experience for the job he would be dead last and hopefully voting based solely on race not qualifications will be remote
© February 18, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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