Saturday, February 11, 2017

Judicial JV Team

Obama in one of his most delusional statements called ISIS the “JV team”
Ignoring the fact that very quickly ISIS the Iraqi Army creamed
Claiming putting on a Kobe Bryant jersey did not make one a future member of the Hall of Fame
Into the vacuum created by his turn tail and run the sacrifices by our men and women flushed down the drain
On the judicial front we have been exposed to the real team of JVs
Black robed biased actors of the 9th Circuit exposing their leftist bias for the world to see
This is a circuit that leads the nation in being overruled
A complete cast of ideologues ignoring the rule of law, a total bench of fools
True minor leaguers who have only a twenty percent approval rate
No wonder Trump rightfully attacks as their bias is beyond any debate
This country is in a very sad and dangerous state
When the judiciary interjects itself into national security, a complete and dangerous mistake
Trump should be applauded for attacking this kangaroo court that poses a security threat
No future cases involving the executive branch should be heard by the 9th with its leftist mindset
Independence of the judiciary is a worthwhile goal
But should be earned only if ideology over the law does not take its toll
© February 11, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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