Wednesday, February 1, 2017

California Voter Registration Subject to Fraud

The left continues on the election of Trump a false narrative advance
To support the “he’s not our president” rants
Trump lost the popular vote by almost three million votes has become and remains the mantra of the Blues
Ignoring for a moment the facts that Hillary ran a campaign that any impartial adviser would rue
The main reason she won the popular vote nationwide
Is that in California our most populous state more than four million more voters were on her side
A new study has been released claiming registration in California has been compromised due to a lack of oversight
 A honor system that lets illegals to vote-- something that is definitely not right
Almost a million drivers’ licenses have been issued to the almost 3 million  illegals in this state
A quick pathway to voting for those who a path to citizenship have chosen not to get in line and wait
Like the old Memorex commercials was Hillary’s margin in California for real?
Or was it dependent of the votes of illegals to a Trump defeat from the jaws of victory steal
Democracy is a fragile form of government when there is or may be voter fraud
Trump’s call for a thorough investigation should not be condemned but rather it is something to applaud
California is an anomaly going for Clinton over Trump by two to one
Raises the suspicion that illegals’ votes is why the popular vote she won
Thank God the Founding Fathers had the wisdom to create the Electoral College to reduce the power of the large states
The Reds need to be prepared for a Blue push to the end the Electoral College as a number one priority on their political plate.
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