Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Marvin K. Moody and His OfA Needs to Go

It is a time honored tradition for an ex-president not up for reelection to leave town
Not since Wilson who was in ill health and dying from a stroke have we seen an ex-President hang around
Bush junior departed for his ranch, Clinton when not shaking down speaking fees headed to New York City
Bush senior headed up to Maine to jump out of planes as an aging Walter Mitty
Reagan flew off the his beloved California ranch
Carter was back in Georgia to harvest peanuts to roast or blanche
Ford went back to Rancho Mirage to write, golf and speak
Almost ran with Reagan as his VP to the Blair House seek
Nixon resigning in disgrace
Would not in Washington show his face
Johnson disheartened by the War in Vietnam back to his Texas ranch went
Ike retired to a working Gettysburg farm near the Gettysburg battlefield
But when asked by JFK or LBJ for advice his view of military operations he revealed  
Truman to Independence, Missouri went back
To live in his mother-in-law’s home as money he lacked
Obama under the guise of allowing his daughter to finish school
Has departed from that tradition to rent a mansion near the White House to be a shadow government tool
He has from another time honored tradition for ex-presidents chosen to deviate
Thrown himself fervently and without hesitation into the anti-Trump debate
Following the principles of his Olinsky inspired community organizing past
Obama with his Organizing for America and its 30,000 members is conspiring to make his legacy last
Violent town halls as the repeal of Obamacare is being debated
Spreading false news that Trump’s election was tainted
Flynn was the first victim of the OfA campaign to Trump’s success prevent
Pudser was next and Gorsuch in the left’s cross hairs watch for “spontaneous” riots to be violent
Dr. Suez said in best in an order this feckless president should heed
Marvin K. Moody time for you to go, your shadow government none of us want or need
© February 15, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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