Friday, December 11, 2015

Semper Fis Drink Camp LeJeune Water & Die

The Corps record has been of one that Marines in their mission do not fail
From wresting the city of Derne in 1803 to the liberation of Kuwait
Facing the Marines has meant death, wounding or capture as an enemy’s fate
On the battlefield Marines will charge through the Gates of Hell
Through all manner of deadly shot, bombs and shell
But one battle for which Marines never were trained and has brought deadly ruin
The battle with exposure to unseen deadly toxic chemicals in drinking water at Camp LeJeune
In 33 years a million Marines were to these deadly toxins exposed
Those fortunate to survive in combat watched as cancer death rates among them rose
We all know of the fraud and corruption rampant in the VA
With officials getting bonuses for cooked books and Vets dying due to care delay
Another dirty secret is that VA increasingly medical care for such toxic exposure denies
Anonymous “experts” at the VA allow only 8 percent of the claims as more and more aging Marines from such exposure die
Fortunately, students at Yale Law School are addressing these Marines’ plight
The VA will never know what hit them as these idealistic law students are drawn into this fight
Accountability and  firing are words that in the VA vocabulary cannot be found
The new VA chief has been treading water and this nation is not fulfilling its duties to which it is duty bound
Only way this mess at the VA can ever be fixed is wield against VA officials the firing axe
And provide for vouchers to private sector to get timely care the VA lacks
© December 11, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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