Thursday, December 3, 2015

Connect The Dots San Bernardino Was Terror

The smell of gunfire was still waffling through the San Bernardino air
As our President into the camera solemnly swears
After a note that the victims have our thoughts and prayers
His thoughts on the need for more gun control he was so quick to share
Too bad these two Muslims were not taken alive
So the fantasy of this administration of workplace violence would not survive
Dot one is the IED factory in the couple’s home including vehicles moved by remote control
Dot two is the trip to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to advance his potential jihadist goal?
Dot three is the dropping off of their six month old daughter
So they could head to the facility to innocents slaughter
Dot four is the growing out of Farook’s beard
Dot five is the donning of masks and magazine laden tactical armor gear
Dot six is the possible  wearing of GoPros
To potential recruits the carnage then show
Dot seven is the well planned precision of the attack a well coordinated five minute drill
 Sixteen hundred rounds not expended to joing the 70 plus that wounded and killed
Dot eight would be at the couple’s home contained almost five thousand rounds
Dot nine not yet revealed would be what they did during the four hours before they were shot down
Dot ten not yet revealed will be the info on the Saudi trip and their phones and computer files
Which will most like confirm the terror link and the couple’s jihadist bile
Connect the dots
Workplace violence this is not
Once again Obama’s delusion will not be believed
As fourteen families of the victims now grieve
The lights must be burning late in the White House as Obama desperately this shooting tries spinning
Confronted with the reality that his strategy or complete lack thereof is not winning!
When will this President come to recognize the danger to our safety from radical Islam
That does not want to negotiate, only to force conversion, kill or otherwise do serious harm
© December 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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