Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pentagon Ready To Go Hillary's Inaction Means No

For Hillary Clinton, Benghazi is a nightmare that her road to the White House has been mined
The basic military creed is that no one is left behind
Obama’s justification for the Taliban prisoner swap
 New email shows why the investigation and her nightmare will not stop
The Pentagon was on the line to the high officials at the Department of State
Forces identified, spinning up as we speak we can’t wait
Pentagon needed only the green light from State which never came
Hillary may never have received the calls but she merits condemnation and blame
Hillary and Obama conspiring to foster the myth that Al Qaeda had been tamed
Rice on the TV shows and Hillary at Dover to the grieving families it was a video proclaim
Leon Panetta is an honorable man but maybe his memories fade
Testifying before Congress of no time to a relief force the compound invade
Sadly any phone records or emails between Clinton and Obama the night of the attack
Will be from Congress and the public until Obama leaves office held back
Only a hunch but my gut tells me what the records would reveal
The video would trump the Al Qaeda threat, sacrifice the Americans and ignore the Pentagon’s appeal
From the mainstream media on this failure of judgment and failure to a request to save respond
Not a line either in print or on TV, not a peep not a sound
Save the fair and balanced at Fox
No wonder she views them as a mortal pox  
© December 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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