Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Radicalized Before Farook's K-1 Killer Bride Arrived

Here is a chilling thought that may keep one up at night
519 K-1 Visas have been issued to Pakistanis to come here to marry or to join the jihad fight?
How many devout jihadists in fiancé disguise?
Definitely a program we need to from a screening standpoint revise
The FBI now believes that Farook and his bride were radicalized before she set foot on our shores
A willing foot soldier with Farook to spread iin the homeland death and gore
Whatever screening in the K-1 visa program that would normally occur
Not to spot the terrorist but marriage fraud by the couples coming in to deter
She is also the poster child of why Obama’s plan to take in Syrian refugees is a security disaster
The vetting process to insure non radicalized Muslims is a skill that this Administration has yet to master
ISIS has made it very clear that refugees are a target it wants to infiltrate
Obama’s assurance that the U.S. can detect the jihadist is mere dribble and prate
This country cannot even keep track of two Afghans at our Georgia air base being trained
How could we monitor 10,000 Syrians or the jihadists among them identified and contained?  
© December 9, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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