Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Bernardino Mass Shootings On Special Education Day

Having a disability can impose a heavy burden on the disabled and those who must care
Sadly for the disabled life with a disability can be very unfair
Ironic that on Special Education Day
Three gunmen honored not the caregivers but were on a quest to slay
But the breaking news out of San Bernardino is more than we can bare
Up to three masked killers in body armor guns drawn as the sound of gunfire blared
A treatment center for the disabled run by the state
The patients the start of a Christmas party to in anticipation await
Instead of carols and maybe a visit from Old St. Nick
Three gunmen arrived maybe terrorists or deranged shooters very, very sick
Doubt this was a hate crime or eugenics fanatics trying to improve the gene pool
No at the risk of a rush to judgment this looks like the work of jihadist fools
Deranged shooters do not as a rule come with body armor and masks
To protect and conceal themselves as they go about their deadly task
The numbers of dead and wounded confused and not yet known
The gunmen from the scene of the shooting have flown
Ironic that hours before the shooting a panel of doctors before Congress were starting to testify
Asking research on mental or emotional parameters of gun violence to no longer deny
Ironic also that hours before the shooting Obama was solemnly addressing the teleprompter screen
Just two weeks after 130 funerals in Paris that mass shootings are only found in our domestic scene
Just like the Planned Parenthood shooting in which the left was quick to proclaim
That the shootings by a deranged man we should pro life supporters blame
We can leave no stone unturned to find these killers and take them alive
Especially since mentally deranged do not work as trios we many find radical
Islam is not contained but survives
Over 250 Americans have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS have returned
Hardened by combat and with lessons of deadly killing learned
Experts have been warning that an attack on the Homeland is only a matter of time
If there is a link to radical Islam in this shooting, Obama’s failure to address the menace should be viewed as an impeachable crime!
© December 2, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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